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Compensation and Benefits

Maintaining an accurate salary structure for your employees is more crucial than ever. Most companies are concerned with realigning pay, trying to retain employees, and addressing pay equity concerns among employee groups, making accurate market data essential. With our compensation & benefits solutions, we can assist you in creating compensation structures that not only give you a competitive advantage but also establish a direct and mutually beneficial link between pay and performance.

Understanding the labor market conditions within Saudi Arabia requires a level of local knowledge that binds local expertise to international expectations, and we go beyond the call of duty to ensure that there is synergy across the board. In respect of compensation & benefits UAE member countries have a number of unique considerations that must be factored into any package, and we have every bit of experience needed to ensure that all internal and external equity requirements are met and exceeded. Our goals are set much higher than simply providing you with a framework for fairness.

We will tailor fully customized processes that set you apart from the competition while understanding the need to work within budgetary restrictions. Designing a meaningful compensation and benefits plan for your organization and your employees will always depend on your ability to stay ahead of the trend curve. We have access to resources that put us in a privileged position to view the landscape from all angles. This is also tied to your awareness of your employees’ behavior and how they respond to certain outcomes and incentives. If your compensation structure isn’t aligned with market conditions and with your organization as a whole, your workforce will always reflect that.

Using compensation and benefits in HRM creates a culture of high performance but striking a balance between cost and benefit as you evolve will lead to happier, more motivated, and more productive employees.

PROVEN’s benefits and compensation advisory gives you the confidence you need to design benefit structures, identify basic pay for demanding jobs, and execute other vital aspects of compensation. Furthermore, to ensure compliance, we offer a stress-free solution that helps you eliminate the need to hire an expert on Saudi Arabia’s compensation laws.

We know that every country comes with its own unique regulatory processes, local market conditions, and economic outlooks, and we take every measure to ensure that you’re making the most of your budget. That said, there should always be room for growth and building a plan that is agile enough to keep employees engaged. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions at Proven. Our team helps you understand the current market dynamics and identify your goals and pain points before developing a customized strategy to meet your needs. Talk to us about we can set you up for success

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  • Time and attendance management

  • Disbursement and pay slip delivery

  • HR year-end activities

  • Local Compliance and Social Insurance Management

  • Regular and Adhoc Reporting

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